Lion Football vs McMurry-Storylines, snippets, and things that make you go hmmm…

October 31, 2014

The McMurry Warhawks come to the Blacklands on Saturday, and this is the biggest game in Commerce probably since the mid 1990’s. They are expected a record crowd to be there, perhaps more than attended the National Championship game played in December of 1972. There are a lot of storylines, so lets get to it.

Conference Championship-This is very simple. We beat McMurry, we are the uncontested and outright Football Champions of the Lone Star Conference for the first time since 1990. We need a win, and that is it. A win by 1 or by 100 gets us the gold ball. The trophy will be there and for it to be presented in Commerce will be amazing, and a great experience, but we MUST beat McMurry. I am going to say this, if we lose this game, the season will be a total failure due to what it should be in the eyes of many.

Seniors-I really am fond of this group of Seniors, and this group could produce 2 or 3 NFL players, which is huge for a program our size. Deric Davis, Tyrik Rollison, Vernon Johnson, Charlie Tu’aau, Seth Smith, and all of those guys are are just good guys and great players. To see these guys have their careers honored, have alums come into the stadium to watch them along with friends and family, and to lift a conference title trophy would be a fantastic regular season end to their career.

Homecoming-Now that TAMUC is a legitimate Football program again, it has peaked the interest of the alums, and also homecoming generally draws a big crowd anyway, but we can really break a record for attendance. There are 3 good reasons to be at this game. Alums, Senior family members, and of course the fans themselves. This is going to be big.

Tracking McMurry-McMurry is a team that can be compared to a small cunning animal. Deadly, efficiently good on offense, and dangerous. McMurry can beat anybody and do not let anyone else tell you differently. It is a huge huge deal. This group has to be on their toes and look to bury McMurry. This is the last time that they will visit Commerce as a member of the Lone Star Conference, so it will be something to look for.

Other Snippets-

Ryan Ivey and the athletic department got a sponsorship with Ben E. Keith distributors in Commerce and they sponsored these wonderful murals honoring some of the greatest players in program history that will be up on Saturday.


Also, the Lions Soccer Complex got a new scoreboard. Its pretty sweet.

The New Scoreboard at the TAMUC Soccer Complex.

The New Scoreboard at the TAMUC Soccer Complex.

Preview of the game tomorrow.

MSU/TAMUC Post Mortem, Lions Ranked in the first round of NCAA Super Region 4 Ranking

October 27, 2014
A recap on a stunning loss to the Midwestern State Mustangs.

A recap on a stunning loss to the Midwestern State Mustangs.

Five Thoughts-

1. Not all is lost. In fact, the Lions have 3 games to prove that they have it this year. Crush McMurry, hopefully draw Midwestern State in the first game of the LSC playoffs and drill them at home, and beat ASU at home again. Also, beating McMurry will give the Lions the Conference Championship outright, with only one loss, but do not write off McMurry for a second. They could just as well walk in and take one from the Lions.

2. Rollison HAS to learn to run the ball-Tyrik Rollison is a great player, but his game lacks one thing and that is pocket presence. He has got to learn to escape, to run, and not fold like a tent when he feels he is about to get hit. He just cannot do it. He has to also learn to be a guy who is not afraid to run. If he is afraid to run, he should not be playing. You get hit in Football, it is still a contact sport.

3. Defense exposed-For the first time this season, I feel like our defense was just totally exposed. 34 points in one half when you had them shut out is just unacceptable. That said, my next point is probably a good reason why.

4. Injuries-We were dropping like flies on Saturday night. One guy after another just dropping, dropping, and dropping. Against a weak McMurry team, maybe there can be some rest for those guys, or at least I hope there will be. I cannot blame the defense for such a bad performance totally on them, they needed some guys to step in and step up, and that did not happen.

5. Field Goals-What happened to putting Deric Davis on the red zone packages? I think it is apperant that Davis is much better in that role than Rollison is. As such, we had to settle for field goals, one was blocked, and the other………well, you know.

Finally, officiating.-

A word. I do not blame officials for this loss. Our offense was not playing all that well, Rollison was losing yards like nobody’s business, the defense got torn to shreds, and we missed a sure fire game winning field goal. That said, the calls of the refs throughout the game was totally idiotic and to be honest, it was going cost one of the teams, either MSU or the Lions, and it cost the latter. The Vernon Johnson/Ricky Collins lateral was a complete horse manure call, and it gave MSU 7 points. I would think that the Lone Star Conference might want to take a look at that and maybe issue an apology, just like the Great Lakes Conference did to Grand Valley St. for blowing a close game due to officiating.

That said, I hope and pray for an MSU win this Saturday. I want to see them come to the blacklands and my gosh do I want  to whip them back Wichita Falls. If MSU wins Saturday and Angelo State beats Tarleton, that will put MSU in the playoffs for the top 4 ranking in the conference. I want that badly, and I want a rematch.

Lions Ranked in the Super Regional Rankings-

Here are the complete Regional Rankings for Division II

1 Bloomsburg 8-0 8-0
2 Concord 8-0 8-0
3 California (PA) 7-1 7-1
4 West Chester 7-1 7-1
5 Winston-Salem 7-1 7-1
6 American Int’l 6-1 6-2
7 Shepherd 6-1 6-1
8 Virginia St. 6-2 6-2
9 Slippery Rock 6-2 6-2
10 West Liberty 5-2 5-3
1 North Ala. 6-0 7-0
2 Lenoir-Rhyne 7-0 8-0
3 Delta St. 6-1 6-1
4 Tuskegee 6-1 6-2
5 Valdosta St. 5-2 5-2
6 West Ga. 6-2 6-2
7 Carson-Newman 6-1 6-1
8 Albany St. (GA) 5-2 5-2
9 Miles 5-2 5-3
10 Fort Valley St. 5-2 6-2
1 Minn. Duluth 8-0 8-0
2 Minn. St. Mankato 8-0 8-0
3 Sioux Falls 8-0 8-0
4 Ouachita Baptist 7-0 7-0
5 Azusa Pacific 7-1 7-1
6 Pittsburg St. 7-1 7-1
7 Northwest Mo. St. 7-1 7-1
8 Humboldt St. 6-1 6-1
9 Harding 6-1 6-1
10 Henderson St. 6-1 7-1
1 Ferris St. 8-0 8-0
2 Colorado St.-Pueblo 6-1 7-1
3 Ohio Dominican 6-1 6-1
4 Colorado Mines 7-1 7-1
5 Indianapolis 7-0 7-1
6 Michigan Tech 6-1 6-1
7 Ashland 7-1 7-1
8 Tex. A&M-Commerce 5-1 6-2
9 Chadron St. 5-2 5-3
10 Angelo St. 5-2 5-2

Lady Lion Soccer-

Texas A&M-Commerce Lady Lions Soccer

Texas A&M-Commerce Lady Lions Soccer

Congrats to the Lady Lions as they snuffed Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma, 4-0. The Ladies can win another conference title with wins over Eastern New Mexico and West Texas A&M. They win out, they get another conference title. It is that simple. Send some good thoughts the Ladies way as they have to make long trips out West to get it done.

Final-Midwestern State 40, Texas A&M-Commerce 37

October 26, 2014




I am sick. I am just sick. I cannot believe we lost this game. There are so many things that went wrong tonight. Injuries, idiotic refs, poor 4th quarter play calling, and 37 points scored in the second half. I am going to have to think about what I am going to write before I write it.

Post Mortem Tomorrow.

Halftime-Texas A&M-Commerce Lions 17, Midwestern State Mustangs 0

October 26, 2014

Lions are playing ho-hum. Rollison has got to learn to take a hit. This is getting old. He is not going to be able to stand upright all the time. He needs to learn to move and buy time with his feet.

That said, the guys calling the game for MSU are complete tools. I hate to be that blunt, but talk about a couple of homers. These guys are homers, and not very smart homers, and to top it all off, they honestly think they are unbiased! I have to shut off the audio and flip on Brock and Charlie on KETR. This is ridiculous

Anyway, hoping for a better second half.

Go Lions.

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions Vs. Midwestern State Mustangs….Game Preview

October 25, 2014
Texas A&M-Commerce Lions

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions


Midwestern State Mustangs

Midwestern State Mustangs

When: Saturday, October 24th

Where: Memorial Stadium, Wichita Falls, Texas

Time: 7 PM, 76 Degrees at Kickoff, East win at 9 MPH.

First Down:

So, this is what is at stake. We have a SHARE of the conference title, but this would give us the entire bag of marbles. It would also give us a quality opponent before having to probably play Angelo State again in the end of season playoffs. MSU always puts together a quality team, and we have not won in Wichita Falls since 1998. A lot of things can happen with a win. MSU is not to be taken lightly, and do not think for one second that they are a pushover. They want to beat us. They want a shot at the LSC playoff and to have a chance to take the top 3 down. They have a lot to play for.

Second Down:

Injury report looks good so far. Tuaa continues to get better, and Rollison looked great last week. I have not heard much about Gage Windsor, but I expect to see him in uniform. Not a bad report all things considered.

Third Down:

Passing Fancy: MSU has the best defense from a statistical standpoint in the conference as far as scoring. They also defend well against the pass. Rollison and the crew have to bring their A-Game against a good team. Get ahead and keep the foot on the gas.

Overtime-Run vs. Pass-Expect to see a very balanced run to pass ration from the Mustangs in this. MSU is one of the very few pro style teams left. Expect to see them be able to do both, but the key for the Lions will be stopping the run. If that happens, MSU must rely on a guy who is completing barely 50 percent of his passes. Stopping the run will be key again, and letting the secondary play physical by jamming REC’s and putting pressure on the snaps.


Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-34

Midwestern State Mustangs-17

Lion Football: Looking ahead vs. Midwestern State

October 22, 2014
Texas A&M-Commerce Lions

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions


Midwestern State Mustangs

Midwestern State Mustangs


Well, this is again a huge game. This is the last of them for the regular season, but then there is that nifty little conference tournament that we have at the end year that is such a wonderful idea. (Sarcasm drips) Anyway, here is what we are looking at. We need this win to go unbeaten in the regular season in conference and MSU is a quality opponent.

MSU on Offense:

They run the ball. A lot. Their style is not like Eastern New Mexico, it is just straight run it up the middle. And they score a lot as well. They average 37.3 points per game, and average 262 yards per game on the ground and a 228 passing yards per game. Balance is the key, but they are not equipped to run against a shoot out, so starting out on offense quickly will be key for the Lions. MSU is no pushover on offense and it would be to our detriment to ignore them, but how well we handle the run is going to be key. They are also a team that needs a consistent passer, Jake Glover is a 50 percent passer. Forcing these guys into throwing will be a big deal to help us.

MSU on Defense:

MSU has a pretty good defense, and they only allow 220 passing yards per game, but they also allow 218 yards on the ground. This could be where Joe Bergeron and Richard Cooper really are a part of the offensive game plan, but then again, the Mustangs have not faced a passing team quite like the Lions. It will be interesting to see what happens.

MSU on Special Teams:

The Mustangs kickers are above average and they are 70 percent on field goals, so there is no guarantee they will make the most of their kicks, but based on that, expect to see them going for it on 4th down a lot. MSU is not a team that scores a ton of points, but is one that will wear you down. I remember watching them back in 2011 when we played them at Cowboys Stadium and they were so balanced on offense. That has it’s drawbacks, and this is another game where the Lions hit hard, and hit fast.

PLN’s the Daily Roar

October 21, 2014

So, getting so caught up in the Football team’s success….I have neglected to mention the other sports and I really believe that I have done a disservice to the student athletes who do not play football, with that said, this post is all about them, so lets get to it.

Lady Lion Soccer-

Texas A&M-Commerce Lad y Lions Soccer

Texas A&M-Commerce Lad y Lions Soccer

The Lady Lions took back their rightful place on Senior day in Commerce where they took down 19th ranked Angelo State, 1-0. Senior Cadie Arenett shared the sentiments that so many of us have had when we know we are playing our last game at home.


“It’s bittersweet knowing this was my last game, it was kind of sad,” said Cadie Arnett, who had three shots for the Lions on the day, “We (my sister and I) always have a hand shake we do before games, and we were about to do it, and (Callie) said ‘This is the last one at home,’ and that was very depressing. It almost made me want to cry. But I’m glad we won, I liked that.”

That, said, the Ladies will be competing in the LSC Conference tournament and also head to Denton to play Texas Woman’s and then have 3 more games to wrap up the regular season, all on the road against Southern Nazarene, West Texas A&M, and Eastern New Mexico. Conference regular season standings and seeding will all be in play, so this is a crucial stretch for the Lady Lions.

Cross Country-

The Men’s team continues to have great season, ranking 8th currently, heading into Friday’s meet at East Central University in Ada, OK. The Women are also having a fine season, notching one victory, one second place meet finish, and an 8th place finish at the University of Arkansas meet that featured 25 teams. The Ladies, like the Men’s team, head to Ada, OK for the East Central Classic meet this Friday.


Sigh. This is one of those years where you just scratch your head and just wonder why. The V-Ball team is really struggling, and what makes this odd is the great season they had last year, and with the great coaching staff they have in HC Craig Case and Assistant HC Sarah Carthel. The Ladies Host Southeastern Oklahoma State tonight at the Fieldhouse, and are hoping to get into the win column. Things can’t do anything but go up from here, in my opinion.


Ok, now this is cool. Check out this live feed of the construction of the Lady Lions Softball complex.



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