Final-Texas A&M-Commerce Lions 72, East Central Tigers 21

December 7, 2014

The Lions pick up win number 9, pick up their first post season win since 1991, and put a fine cherry on top of a great season. Write up tomorrow.

We are Lions!

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions Vs. East Central Oklahoma Tigers-CHAMPS Heart of Texas Bowl-Matchups

December 6, 2014
Texas A&M-Commerce Lions

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions


Well, what a way to end the season. I am becoming more of a glass half full guy, and this is the way I see it. Not all teams can win their conference AND end the season with a win. Only two teams will do that. The National Champion, and the teams that win their bowls. We are in the latter, but I do sincerely hope that tomorrow night Colby and the crew hoist the trophy, get 9 wins, and finish a superb season. That would give us 4 trophies for the year. The Chennault Cup for beating TAMU-Kingsville, the President’s Cup for beating Tarleton, the Conference Championship trophy, and a bowl trophy. Quite a quadfecta. (Pretty sure that is not even a word, but whatever.)

So, first off, ECU is a lot like we were last year. Had a solid season, but were on the bubble on getting a post season invite. They got one because they had 2 teams go to the playoffs and the third place team go to the LiveUnited Bowl, so they got the invite. However, I am hoping they will be outgunned, and it looks like if the offense does what it has done all season, this should be a convincing victory.

ECU lost 4 games, 3 to teams all in the post season. Not a bad group to lose to. In all honesty, this game will be much closer that expected, ECU is a pretty balanced offense. They have 421.5 yards per game of offense, but it will be a stretch to say they can really keep up when they average 30.9 ppg and TAMUC averages 52.45. I think it is fair to say our offense is better than theirs. On the flip side…..

My Gosh, do I hope we have gotten healthier on defense. The way that Angelo and Tarleton ran through us was tough to watch. ECU has a stout defense and likes to control clock and keep the other team on the sidelines. I have to say one thing to Tyrik Rollison, and this is his last game as a Lion. Dude, you have been great, but learn to escape and roll out and quit curling up in the fetal position every time you are about to get tackled. If you are not ready to play because you are afraid to get hurt, then don’t play. I hope I am wrong, but it has been just headache inducing to watch a great player like Tyrik just fold like a cheap tent when pressure gets to him. He is better than that.

Ok….prediction time.

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions 38

East Central Tigers-20

Lions Bowl Bound

November 20, 2014
Lions Going Bowling again.

Lions Going Bowling again.

The good people down in Copperas Cove have extended an invite to the Lions and we will see an old foe, the East Central Tigers down in Central Texas. I have to say that I am happy we ended up in the post season yet again, but I am hoping that the guys wont walk in and get beaten by a team they should stomp because they feel that they should be in the playoffs, and I believe that they should.

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PLN’s The Weekly Roar

November 19, 2014
Lady Lions Soccer

Lady Lions Soccer

Consider it payback for our Football team getting hosed out of the playoff picture, but the Lady Lion Soccer team beat Angelo State for the third straight time and are heading to the sweet 16 in D2 soccer. Madison Cordts hit the net in the 44th minute as the Ladies went on to defeat the Rambelles 1-0. The Ladies will head to Colorado to play Colorado School of Mines Friday night for a trip to the elite 8.

Lion Hoops

Lion Hoops

Congrats to Lion Cager Darrell Williams who was named the LSC player of the week for his performance against New Mexico Highlands and Lubbock Christian. The Men are 2-0 on the season and face Ouachita Baptist Thursday night in Arkadelphia. This group really has potential to be a great team after splitting a pair of games in exhibition against two major college DI programs. Expect a write up soon on that.

Lady Lion Basketball

Lady Lion Basketball

Congrats to Lady Lions Jason Burton on getting his first victory as a head coach and the Lady Lions on starting off the season 1-1. The Ladies host Ouachita Baptist this Saturday in Commerce at the Fieldhouse, so make a point to make it to the hangar and support them. The team could very well be 2-0 right now, but this is a young team, but I am expecting a very good showing this year from what I have seen already.

Lion Football-

So, I wanted to mention this. I wanted to thank the family of Lion QB Deric Davis for their fraternity and kinship they have shown to me. Deric is a swell guy and great player and to watch how handled the past 3 seasons shows that he is a guy who has a lot of character. He is a team player and a competitor in every sense of the word. This Saturday as I took my seat, I saw Deric’s parents and they waved me over and handed me a LSC championship hoodie with Davis on the back and the number 9. That means a lot to me that they would make a point to get me something like that and compliment my work. It is what keeps me going the way I have. I am going to miss the Davis family next year, they are just good salt of the earth people. Ryan Ivey told me that his plan was for every athlete to leave Commerce with a Degree in one hand and a Championship Ring on the other, and Deric Davis will leave Commerce with both. He graduated with his degree last spring, and now has a ring on the way. The way that this blog has encouraged a lot of players from those who have told me means the world to me, and it is all about them and for them.

That said, I fully expect the Lions to receive a second straight bowl invite, this time to the Heart of Texas Bowl in Copperas Cove. The LSC has a direct tie in and the highest ranking non-playoff team, which is us, gets the invite. With that, Copperas Cove is only about 2 1/2 hours from here, so I would expect to make that game. Just waiting for it to be official and wondering who our opponent would be.

Final-Angelo State Rams 35, Texas A&M-Commerce Lions 33

November 16, 2014


A truly heartbreaking end to a great season. I really cannot say much about the game other than we played a poor first half, and a fantastic 4th quarter. You have to play all 4 quarters to win, and ASU did that. Congrats to them.

So, it looks as if we are out of the playoff picture, which is so disappointing. That said, we should be getting an invite to the Heart of Texas Bowl where we probably face a GAC opponent. I have no idea who that will be, perhaps Harding again or a Henderson State. However, while the likelihood of playoffs are very small, there is still a chance that we can somehow get in. To be honest, I believe that we should go. Both of our losses were by a combined 5 points,¬†#5 team in the region got beat by a team below 500 and #9 has 3 losses as well. I cannot see how the NCAA could justify one, but not the other, plus you really cannot count the SFA loss since it has no bearing on SOS from Division II’s standpoint.

I will say this as well, this loss was partly on the coaches for calling a truly atrocious first half. That changed in the 2nd half and we almost won on top of that. Oh well, thats just the way the ball rolls.

Post Mortem Tomorrow.

Lion Football: Vs Angelo State for all the marbles. 5 Thoughts

November 15, 2014
This is the one.

This is the one.

So, the season comes down to this. One game. Win, and you have become the most reversed program in college football, maybe in the entire land. You win your conference, knock off 9 teams, and are going to the NCAA Division II playoffs, something that even some of the best teams in the nation do not get to do (see Eastern New Mexico last year).

Lose, and it seems like the season is a failure. You get a bowl invite, and even that is not guaranteed.

1. Defense-It all comes down to this, on the defensive front, the Lions have to play better than last week, or they will lose. Period. TSU carved up the Lions by using a balanced offense that almost won them a game they were supposed to lose. The injuries have been rough, and they were dropping like flies against MSU. Hoping for a healthy group to come ready to play.

2. Learning from the past-This game scares me because in a lot of ways, we should have lost it the last team we played ASU. Had a guy not gotten a half of a hand on a 32 yard field goal, we would not even be discussing this. This game showed everything that can go wrong with a football team. The most important thing the Lions can learn is that if they play the way they are capable of, they can and should win this one pretty handily.

3. Packing Memorial-The attendance last week was very disappointing. It was a 4 PM game, like this one will be, and there only 5,000 there. That is less than half of what the entire stadium holds. The McMurry game, just a week before had the west side standing room only and spilled over the east side. Around 10,000 fans for a game like that, and last week was more important from a long term standpoint.

4. Don’t force it-Last week, there was a point where I thought the game was over. After the blocked FG for a touchdown, and then Rollison dropping dimes to WR’s to get us a 14 point lead, the play calling was way too outlandish and loose. Rollison tried to be Johnny Unitas rather than just making routine plays. At that point, I felt that the Lions thought they had it won, and what you got was a last second goal line stand that nobody was really expecting.

5. Leave it all out there-This is where I have to say that as a player, this might be your last game. Probably not, but who wants to go to a bowl with the season we have had? This team wants playoffs. So leave it out all out there and go get it. For Commerce, for Texas A&M-Commerce, and for yourself.

Breaking: Lady Lions Soccer notch Conference tournament Championship

November 9, 2014
Lady Lions Soccer

Lady Lions Soccer

Lady Lions defeat the Angelo State Rambelles 3-2, to take yet another conference championship, and now look to their NCAA national tournament bid.

Congrats to HC Neil Piper on another magnificent season!.


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